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For over two decades Dogon Village.com has provided a vehicle for Blacks of the Diaspora to get the word out to the community globally. Dogon Village Communications has worked in the civil rights, nonprofit/civic engagement, environmental, and entertainment arenas to disseminate messages, ideas, and information, to broader audiences. Specializing in campaigns targeting the African American community, expertise includes: campaign strategy, messaging, publicity, video production, digital content creation, and social media management.

Dogon Village media consultants have worked on campaigns for: civil rights leader, Dr. Joseph E. Lowery; the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington; the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen; the CBCF delegation to the UN World Conference on Racism; and the Unity 2004 and 2008 Voter Empowerment Campaign, a national get out the vote media campaign (including production of commercials, publicity and materials) comprised of a coalition of over 150 civil and human rights organizations focused on increasing voter turnout in the African American community .

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    Edrea Davis

    Founder / CEO

    Over the past two decades communications strategist, producer and author, Edrea Davis, has mastered the art of integrating all forms of media to communicate compelling, action-oriented messages that shape public opinion and impact legislative policy. More

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    Sean Tailor

    Graphic Designer

    Trained at Atlanta College of Art

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    Felicia Davis

    Political, Environmental, and Nonprofit Consultant

    Working on issues related to environment and sustainability, civil and womens rights, and civic engagement, Felicia is an expert in strategic planning and campaign management.

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    Dejai Aly

    Social Media Master

Our Services

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    Strategic Communications Strategy

    Strategic communications planning, messaging, design and produce collateral materials.

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    Video/Web/Print Production

    Graphic Design

    Write and produce PSA's, commercials, YouTube content, and message-oriented shorts.

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    Publicity & Media Relations

    Issue and advocacy campaigns, branding, public affairs, crisis communications, social media campaigns.

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    Social Media Management

    Web development, video, audio and print content creation for traditional and social media.

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